Cap for liquid-infusion lass bottle

There are multiple sizes and types for the caps for liquid-infusion glass bottles.We are sincere to produce the easy-to-pull aluminum cap for Φ30,Φ32 infusion bottle,aluminum-plastic composite cap and aluminum-plastic cap for Φ26,Φ28,Φ30 and Φ32 liquid-infusion glass bottle,aluminum-plastic composite cap for Φ36 infusion glass bottle(for blood product only),aluminum-plastic easy-to-pull cap for Φ32 infusion bottle(3-piece)and other types;we are capable of producing on the demand of customers.
The material for aluminum cap includes the pure aluminum,alloy aluminum,imported aluminum strip and home-made aluminumstrip;the aluminum strip is processed by coating the nontoxic epoxy resin,with sound property of heat resistance,flim-removing resistance and discoloration after boiling at high temperature.
The material for plastic cap uses the polypropylene resin(PP),where the polypropylene is free of toxin,odor,with sound heat-resistance and tensile strength complying the national standard;meanwhile the coloring material uses the innoxious,high-temperature resistant,solorfast and glossy masterbatch to ensure product quality.