Cap for bottle of antibiotic

The cap for bottle of antibiotic is divided into two types,i.e.: the aluminum cap and aluminum-plastic composite cap,involving in multiple working procedures,such as the:punch forming of aluminum cap,injection molding of plastic cap,and surface treatment,cleaning,riveting,inspection,inner and outer packing of aluminum cap,with the procedures of cleaning,riveting,inspection and inner packing to be done under the Class 100,000 condition.The size and color of product could be satisfied on the request of user.
         The aluminum surface is coated,with proportional thickness and required tensile strength and specific elongation;the plastic cap is made of the well-known domestic medical-level polypropylene resin,free of toxin and odor;the coloring material is the nontoxic,heat-resistant and colorfast masterbatch,which will keep the product fresh color always.