Polycarbonate medicine-loading composite stopper for plastic

          The polycarbonate medicine-loading composite stopper for plastic infusion bag is based on the polycarbonate joint formed by injection molding process,comprising of the injection-purpose halogenanted butyl rubber stopper and outer cap.Among which,the material for polycarbonate joint is the imported medical-level polycarbonate,complying with the FDA rules;the injection-purpose halogenated butyl rubber stopper can be chosen to use the well-known domestic product or imported product on the request of user.

          The medicine-loading stopper is produced in the clean plant,with the partial part reaching to Class 100 under the Class 10,000 background.The main working procedures,such as the injection molding,inspection and cleaning,and assembly ande etc.,are designed and processed as per the cleanliness requirements at the partial level of Class 100,which passes the GMP on-site certification and complies with the cleaniness requirements of high capacity injection medicine.
          The main production equipments,test and inspection instruments of medicine-loading stopper have already reached to the international level and are advanced at home.Meanwhile,the full production process is conductsd the strict control and management,and making product free of plasticizing agent,loading agent and lubricating agent,and free of absorption or transfer when contacting with liquid medicine,neither pyrogen nor soluble matter,thence such equipments may ensure the product quality.
          The polycarbonate medicine-loading composite stopper for plastic infusion bag is mainly used for double-hose non-PVC soft bag.