Polypropylene composite cap for plastic infusion container

 The polypropylene composite cap for plastic infusion container comprises of the pull-tab outer cap,inner cap,and synthetic medical-level polyisoprene cushion;among which,the materials for the inner cap and outer cap are the imported medical-level polypropylene,complying with the FDA rules and passing the USP CLASS VI test;the synthetic medical-level polyisoprene cushion can be made from the imported product on the request of user.The inner cap of the composite cap will contact with liquid medicinedirectly to ensure the quality;whereas the cushion will be helpful to prevent penetration and seal whilst infusing the liquid medicine,and the outer cap plays a role to prevent bacterium. 
          The composite cap is produced in the clean plant,with the overall plant reaching to Class 10,000 and some for Class 1,000,000.The main working procedures,such as the injectionmolding,inspection,cleaning,assembly and inner packing and so on,are designed and processed as per the cleanliness requirements at the partial level of Class 100,which passes the GMP on-site certification and complies with the cleanliness requirements of high capacity injection medicine.
          The facilities involved by production,test and inspection of composite cap are available,with strict control and management to be conducted in the whole procsee of production,free of plasticzing agent,loading agent and lubricating agent,and free of absorption or transfer when contacting with liquid medicine,neither pyrogen nor soluble matter,thence such facilities may snsure the product quality.
          The polypropylene composite cap for plastic infusion container is mainly used for non-PVC soft-bag infusion and polypropylene plastic bottle infusion.